How to join the league

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How to join the league

Post by Tamworthfox on Sun Sep 13, 2015 9:04 pm

Sadly this forum is so confusing to set up... Well thinking about it it's not too difficult but oh well.

There's a few steps you need to take in order to get into the league

1. Register your account, that's relatively easy you just set up a username, password email and there is this human check (because nobody believes we are actually humans anymore). For the human check you do need to make sure the capitals are entered as capitals and lower case actually are lower case. That has thrown a few people already which is why I've set up this league.

ALSO when you set up an email, use your proper email because you need an activation code for it

2. Go on your email and you will have received an email from the forum site with an activation link. Clock on that link to activate your account. Once you have done that you're free to reply to posts and take part in this forum

3. Go to the sign up section and press "reply" and fill in all the details needed so first name, whether you have agreed to the rules etc.

4. Once you've done that go onto car selection and reply to the post again and this time, say what car you want to be in

Once you've followed these steps you're in and ready to race!

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